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Me and You, Yo Mama and Yo Cousin Too... 

Rollin down the strip on Vogues...!! had to drop this tribute mix celebrating the music of Outkast. I dropped it last week but wanted to post it up for music Mondays, so if you havent heard it yet...go ahead and click the button!  Don't forget we will be doing a live tribute mix to Outkast during our concert and day party on December 10th at @SICSundays! Info for that show is on the flyer and tickets are available now.  (Click Here for Discounted Tickets)


I'm A Huge Twista Fan so... 

I had to do 2 Tribute mixes this month! I still don't feel like i scratched the surface of all the joints that i wanted to play, but i have to save some for the live tribute at the show! Come check us out at SIC Sundays this Sunday November 19th! We have up and coming chicago funny man and rapper Korporate headlining! He is the creator of the hashtag #BlackChicagoBeLike series of videos that has the internet in stitches.  Come see the other side of his extensive talents and watch him deliver his hard hitting thought provoking rhymes!  Tickets on sale right now! (Ticket Link)


Check out my 2 Tribute Mixes below! 




Just in time for cuffing season!

Snoop Dogg Tribute Mix (SIC Sundays) 

This month at SIC Sundays we are celebrating the music of Snoop Dogg.  I must say this mix was hard simply because snoop has so much flavor and so many different styles.  it was not as hard as the 2Pac mix but definitely you know when its time to mix a legends catalog.  Its simply hard to contain an entire catalog to less than 15 minutes and be representative.  But here it is for my west coast gangsta rap and Snoop Dogg fans.  Come check out my bro DJ Kwiet Storm in his live tribute mix to snoop this sunday at our event.  Tickets available now! 



Prodigy (RIP) Tribute Mix 

"I throw a tv at you crazy, b*tches say P you crazy, a pain in the @$$, but f*ck you pay me!!!"


Man Prodigy has so many great and grimey quotables this mix was so much fun to make. I revisited a lot of joints that are just powerful. P's delivery and pure don't give af always come thru clear and you feel every word he spits!  I tried to capture as much of this essence as i could in this short 12 minute mix.  I'm sure i could have at least compiled an hour worth of Prodigy's verses but i hit some of my personal fav highlights. What's your favorite Prodigy song/verse?


Listen to the mix brought to you by @SICSundays 


RIP Prodigy! your music lives forever.