1. Expectations

From the recording Expectations

Not one to be defined by anybody else's expectations check out this release from P1 featuring production from The PlayBrothas.


I never been who you want me to be
but it’s alright because I’m good doing me
I don’t complain I just keep doing my thang
I won't switch up because you want me to change
so I gotta defy
your expectations (x3)

Verse 1:
in your eyes
I should be some type of saint
but I ain’t
don’t stroke me with your brush
I’m not the picture
that you paint
you said you shedding tears
for me (don’t be cruel)
stop projecting all your fears on me
(that ain’t cool)

in your mind I’m a criminal
you be talking code on the net
throwing shots subliminal
when you don’t even know
my intentions
my life is my invention
I’m living on my terms
and not by your conditions
in your dreams
I should somebody else
looking more, like what you want
and looking less like myself
virtual reality p
who you want me to be
if that’s what you see in your dreams
so you can wake up from your sleep

in your prayers
I’m not just anybody
I’m more like your pity party
you get down on your knees
asking god to fix me shawty
I ain’t broken
and I am not a heathen
so if that’s in your prayers for me
then I don’t really need em


in my eyes
I’m just man thats tryna make it my way
tryna create a better future
not just live for the day
when I fuck up
I’m owning up to all of my own mistakes
but that’s just not the kinda thing
they expect me to say

in my mind
I’m one of the greatest
that you’ll ever know
not only talking bout the flow
you don’t expect me to blow
...let alone to blow up
but every time I show up
my people get they glow up
that’s how I get my dough up

in my dreams
my whole entire team
is getting cream
hold on a little longer
cause it’s closer than it seems
we been walking inches
but we been moving miles
everybody’s expectation
is for us to give up now

but even in my prayers
I ain’t never scared
he said the world was mine
so how could it be theirs
every time you think I’m weak
that just make me strong
before you criticize me
you should prolly judge your own


Verse 3:
you see broke I see hope
you see different I see dope
you see sands I see coast
you see water I see boats
I be driving when you putting
you think you seeing something
but all I see is how to make a way up outta nothing

I been thinking forward
while you was thinking backwards
I been thinking real shit
you been thinking actors
you criticize my sentences
but I been writing chapters
you think you got a good opinion
I don’t think it matters

mentally I cope
lyrically I’m dope
if you say I’m holier than thou
then you can call me pope
scoping with my third eye
careful with my words I
don’t intend to offend
so I just insert my

prayers for understanding
you been so demanding
trying to push my hand in
I follow my commandments,
then raise the expections
that I set for myself
pray for the best
I swear I’ll never be less than myself