Prodigy (RIP) Tribute Mix

"I throw a tv at you crazy, b*tches say P you crazy, a pain in the @$$, but f*ck you pay me!!!"


Man Prodigy has so many great and grimey quotables this mix was so much fun to make. I revisited a lot of joints that are just powerful. P's delivery and pure don't give af always come thru clear and you feel every word he spits!  I tried to capture as much of this essence as i could in this short 12 minute mix.  I'm sure i could have at least compiled an hour worth of Prodigy's verses but i hit some of my personal fav highlights. What's your favorite Prodigy song/verse?


Listen to the mix brought to you by @SICSundays 


RIP Prodigy! your music lives forever.

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