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5 Things That Piss Promoters Off 

1. Artist that don't promote!  I put you on the show, don't you want your people to know that you will be performing there as well??? Maybe maybe not but yeah if you don't promote your performance on any show you're on then you will definitely piss the promoter off!

2. People asking for information thats on the flyer! Why would i make a flyer and you see it and then you call/text/message me and ask me whats the details...bruh! I know i can't put the map in the picture but there are some words there that might contain the information that you are asking me to send you.  Make it easy on me and you don't piss me off by asking me this...even though ill probably tell you grudgingly. I Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

3. Texting me on the day of the show telling me you're not coming... OKAY *Jay-Z Voice*  I can't do anything about that. I'll miss you I guess. I still have other people to entertain ill see you next time! 

4. Artists showing up late/no showing...WHY would you do this?  You know I'm going to tell every other promoter I know that you did this and your reputation will be impacted. Unless you don't give af. So yeah show up, and show up on time and lets get the show crackin!

5.  People that are not on the list that ask the door person to come get me!  Fam just spend the bread support the establishment and the business and  the scene that many people have worked very hard to create.  I'm going to tell you that at the door anyway, and I'm already dealing with 74 other pressing issues during the show so spare me on the you don't have your wallet move. Plus my door person likes to collect money make her job easier! Its the only considerate thing to do.

DPMO Don't Piss Me Off



I could put more things on this list but these 5 really piss me with that said I hope to see you August 20th at SIC Sundays 2 Year Anniversary. All will be forgiven if you show up to our special celebration! Info is on the flyer lol


NEW P1 DJ Mix! & Event Discount Code 

So me and my team have been hard at work all year at SIC Sundays! We have many incredible stories and pictures.  We decided to end the year off strong and set the tone for 2017.  I believe in progress and moving the bar up so I have Murphy Lee coming up to rock SIC Sundays December 18th on his birthday!  This was done with the help of my entire team but on this one i must especially recognize the efforts and assistance of my good friend Janae Henry. 

In recognition of Murphy Lee coming through i was digging through my crates and decided to take a visit to St. Louis music scene! Check it out below.   And if you are in chicago on December 18th come see Murphy Lee live! In honor of my FB fan page surpassing 1350 fans on December 1st use Promo Code: SIC1350 and get your ticket for $13.50 total (no service fee)