Self Evaluation (My Personality Test Results)

If you've checked out my latest #TellAFriendTuesdays post then you heard me speak briefly about evaluating yourself and getting to know who YOU are.  I found it enlightening for me when getting to know myself to take a couple of personality quizzes etc.  These are tools created buy people much smarter than me to help categorize people by personality types etc.   If you haven't seen that video, I have a preview here but you can click the link to see the entire clip. (See the full #TellAFriendTuesdays video here)


If you have already watched the video here are links to 2 of the "know yourself" quizzes that i referenced in the clip.  You can go it takes about 10-20 minutes to complete each one.  If you're honest you will learn quite a bit about yourself just from the post quiz analysis so check it out. 

Personality Test >>>

Love Languages Quiz >>>


And as mentioned in the subject line you can click on the pic to learn my personality type! What do you think? 


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