1. Layover

From the recording Phlights

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can I lay over
at your house
when we wake up
I can take you out
I know it’s kinda rushed
cause we just met
but I got a little time
before I catch this jet

Verse 1

sometimes ridin on a plane
can be so mundane
at 30 thousand feet
the scenery never change
sitting in a seat
pleasantries get exchanged
but most of the time
the conversation is the same

people ask where you going
how long you gonna be there
places you should be-ware
and things you need to see there
they name a famous street
tell places you should eat
some people keep talking
when you trying to go to sleep

other people just sit there
expressionless face
some people lean they seat back and be taking up space
...me, I take out my laptop
and listen to tracks
the kid in the seat behind me
kickin me in the back

but this time around
it was different affair
there was a pretty young thing
sitting next to my chair
she saw me and smiled
she was already drinking
she hadn’t said a word
but i was already thinking


Verse 2

I sat down
trying to play it cavalier
she had a glass of wine
so I ordered me a beer
I told her that the next round
would be on me
before we got off the
we were on round 3

partaking in the conversational cliche
she said she had visited the chi for 3 days
she said she did some shopping
down on the mag mile
I said I can tell girl I’m loving your style

but what about the food
lady tell me what you ate
did you come up here for business
or for pleasure or a date
she asked is that your move
you really think you smooth
do you really wanna know about the food
or the dude

shawty peeped game
she put me on my toes
she looked at me cold
she smiled and I froze
...well ma’am
you caught me in the jam
but if u ain’t got no man
or any other plans (then)

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3

shawty got no man
no plans
and she want some romance
wont you take me to a spot
where we can play some slow jams
we can take a stroll on bourbon street
and we can hold hands
...or we can just ride....

thru the French quarter
or thru the garden district
she make it big easy
it ain’t hard to kick it
with this lady
and she keep callin me baby
with that accent
ain’t worried bout my safety
cause her booty could stop traffic

I got like 10 more hours
til my next flight
things is going right
i might switch my flight
to the next night
I can fly direct
and get to setting with this jet life
on so many planes
I never thought
I meet my next wife

even if i only see you on this layover
would you be a gracious host
and let me stay over
maybe we never should’ve drunk
and stayed sober
when the plane lands
please say it ain’t over

Chorus (x2)