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Late Check In

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Verse 1

I thought my flight was at 9
so now I’m running behind
found out it’s at 8
I thought I had this sh*t timed
I was out on a date
and my lady was fine
we ordered dessert
and then we ordered some wine

then I got a text
that said we starting to board
and I was perplexed
because I thought I had more (more)
time to stretch
but I cannot afford
to miss this flight
i kiss my date goodnight

i left her some cash
a half a slice of pie
now i'm driving too fast
and I’m running the lights
trying to get to the lot
and find me a park
when I arrive
it’s gon be time to depart,
thats if I make it

...but if I don’t then I’m stuck
got the gate
the agents wishing me luck
she told me to run
she said I might have a chance
ran straight into the line
for the security scans

I’m in a rush going insane
trying to make it to this plane
if I make it through this door
I swear I won’t be late no more (x2)

Verse 2 (TSA Agent)

I need your ID
and boarding pass
liquid out your water glass
strip to your socks
pull out your laptop
unbuckle your pants
rub this on your hands
go somewhere and stand
I need to run it through the scan

put your jacket in the bin
plus your paper and your pen
damn mr lloyd
are you running late again
you know the protocol
I’m just following procedure
you don’t like this patdown
and I don’t like it either

I’m just doing my job
my managers the feds
so hurry up and spread
I put my hand between your legs
to make sure you ain’t packing
you know I mean a pistol

n*&&a cut the jokes
you a government official

why you so mad
you acting so intense
now open up your bag
I need to check the contents
we don’t want no bombs
going on the plane
all these wires in your
backpack are looking kinda strange

Verse 3

now I’m back on the run
after getting harassed
feel like I’m running routes
trying to go catch a pass
I’m dodgin old people
jumping over the babies
stiff arming the men
stutter stepping the ladies

juking wheelchairs
back pedal the stairs
tackle the tsa
like I’m playing for the Bears
trying to find a hole in the crowd
that I can run through
heard the announcer say
that you really need to come to

the gate door
before it’s time to close
spin move around some hoes
hit the heisman pose
I didn’t hold it too long
cause I had to keep on
before they let some geek
in standby get my seat

running thru the airport like O.J.
with no O-Line
I’m looking down the hall at my gate
and there was no line
I saw the chick closing the door
I got no time
for some reason she waited
i dont know why I made it...