1. PreCheck

From the recording Phlights

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I accumulated wayyy to many miles
to be standing in a crowd
that’s why I skip the line
and for you it’s not allowed
ask me how,
I’m on a level you ain’t reached yet...
I got that TSA Precheck (x2)

say bro I travel so much
my passport is verified
blue check by name
when I fly the friendly skies
the stewardess can tell
she keep giving me the eye
that’s why you get the little cup
thats why I got the whole sprite

that’s right
itinerary booking
do a little bit of looking
then I keep it pushing
ain’t no pussyfooting
when I’m headed to the venue
venues and vaginas
well then put it on the menu

when I’m out here touring
I be out exploring
far from my domestic
so go get me a foreign
I’m trying to make a fortune
adopt me an orphan
and I ain’t talking shoes
when I say I walk in Jordan

I’m really in the sand
in a camel caravan
African American
but I’m still gon get this tan
this that desert that desert sand
you can feel this desert heat
and it hotter than the beach
thats why I’m staying outta your reach


they say whoa
we can’t much higher
and I say whoa -o-o
I’m a frequent flyer
and I ain’t coming down

this how I get my high
ac blow its do or die
look up to me
you break your neck
I told you h%e
don’t miss this jet
currently I feel like currensy
the way I’m earning the
attention and the mentions
never been to Germany

so I’m a book a flight now
y’all just need to pipe down
I’m booking it right now
soon as I put this mic down
after that then I’ll be gone
another expedition
don’t talk to agents
hit the kiosk
facial recognition

world class
world pass
traveling the world fast
since I got my passport
all the ports is getting passed
and you gassed off the pictures
and the way I write these scriptures
if you hate, it can wait
til I get back to the states