1. Takeoff

From the recording Phlights

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I been shaking all this dead weight off
that’s while I’m smiling when they scoff
takin no breaks and no days off
I’m revving my engines
get ready for take off

no time for lacking
or slacking
its time to beast mode
and feast mode
ain’t no snacking
so keep all your chips
and your dips
let’s get rich...
f*ck staying stagnant
it’s time to take trips
that’s why we called it flights

I’m living my life
for the nights
that they pay me my price
put my name in the lights
on the marquee
handle biz like Markee
bunch of funk
like marky
pardon me
I’m artsy

painting these pictures
no abstract
money transact
all I ask
where the cash at
matter fact
i don’t ask
you just cash app
no refund
no cash back
I get checks from ASCAP

I keep on climbing
until I descend
then I come down
and do it again
increase my percent
increase my amount
funny thing is
I take off like discount


Verse 2

I’m getting charged up
from every appearance
I'm bout to take off
I won’t wait for no clearance
air traffic control
cannot hold me or ground me
I’m already over
the folks trying to down me

if you had a doubt
or you counted me out
I should not hear your mouth
when I’m raising my clout
I just left the country
and turned up the parties
from Venice and Rome
down to Foggia and Bari

we ate some pasta
and we drank some Rossi
you ungrateful n*&&as
you never said Grazie
but boy don’t you worry
you don’t have to thank me
I travel the world with my art
like I’m Banksy

I crossed the ocean
expanded my reach
by speaking my gospel
I don’t even preach
I do my own thing
I got my own niche
i'm bout to take off
like a shirt at the beach