1. Connection

From the recording Phlights

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imma call my connect
and imma book this jet
we gonna take this flight tonight
and fly direct to spot
for the lowest price
we not asking no questions
wnot stopping for directions
I’m in the sky like the jetsons
gotta love my connection

verse 1
sometimes I fly nonstop
like my bags
I get the check
one phone call to my
just like that
I’m on the jet
haters mad
they so upset
ladies love
they so impressed
all my no’s
turned into yes
man I love how i

I be gone
at the drop of the hat
security cleared
no stopping for that
shoes stay on
no belt removed
y’all chase cash
I’m wealth pursued
I’m well matured
dressed so fresh
I’m well contoured
and connosiuered

i gotta g’d up flex
rockin blacked out specs
we looking at the map
tryna figure out
where we gon t up next
so don’t miss my text
when I say go
it’s time to skate
flights departing at 8
meet me at the gate
I got no time to wait

come on if you coming
we bout to get this thang jumpin
we been on 10
going in
it’s hard to slow down
once the wheels get running
...and I don’t think theses wheels gon stop
every where we go
that’s where we gon shop
and every where we shop
that’s where we gon cop
making my connection
where the planes get swap


Verse 2
I been around the globe,
collecting stamps
for the past few years
travel the world
with a few of my peers
buying plane tickets
like souvenirs ,
changing hemispheres
had to change my attitude
show a little more gratitude
that helped me change my latitude

people say the world is small
from what I’ve seen it’s Pretty Big
so many people never been
to the city where I live
but I go where they reside
ever thing is like suprise
everything is so brand new
even the roads
and how they drive

and it makes me feel alive
theres no way to kill the vibe
I represent my tribe
we connect
and not divide
get love
for all the work
everywhere on earth
life is all the same
but yet we so diverse

we just wanna live
and try to be free
I can learn from you
you can learn from me
no matter our destination
we just want respect
and appreciation
all we need is a little love
even if you don’t believe in a god above
life on earth can be good enough
if we drop our objections
focus on our connections