REPLAY: O4TR Radio Show feat P1 Mix

Last week I dropped a collection of mixes that i assembled as a collection.  This week I went back live on the show.  Check out the latest news and (sh*t) talk from Bunday on the 8/10/2017 Episode of the…

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5 Things That Piss Promoters Off

1. Artist that don't promote!  I put you on the show, don't you want your people to know that you will be performing there as well??? Maybe maybe not but yeah if you don't promote your performance on any show…

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Friday Night R&B! (Chicago)

Join me this Friday night as I spin for a collaborative event between Neak Domi V and Sessions with Tandaleria.  I will be playing a wide selection of R&B Tunes to complement the lineup of first rate performers that are…

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P1 Music Pick! (Rex Life Rajj)

I first discovered Rex Life's Rajj after listening to another friends song she on Spotify. The first joint I ever heard was Running Man that song floored me! Then I heard GPS another banger in my book. The song that…

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Prodigy (RIP) Tribute Mix

"I throw a tv at you crazy, b*tches say P you crazy, a pain in the @$$, but f*ck you pay me!!!"


Man Prodigy has so many great and grimey quotables this mix was so much fun to…

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O4TR Radio featuring P1 Mix!

Check out the latest episode of The Supreme Show with Bundy! Only4TheReal Radio.  Ill be dropping mixes on the show every week so stay tuned in. This is huge to me because was one of the first platforms to…Read more

Twenty Minutes of Timbaland! (DJ Mix)

What can you say about Super Producer of the most influential music makers of our generation.  When he was chosen as this months tribute artist i must admit at first I did not know where to start.  So many…Read more

This Mix Got Rejected?!? (R&B/Smooth Hip Hop)

So i submitted this R&B and smooth hip hop mix to a radio station for inclusion in an after dark mix. I just found out yesterday that they said no to accepting it....SO i have it here available for you…Read more