O4TR Radio featuring P1 Mix!  

Check out the latest episode of The Supreme Show with Bundy! Only4TheReal Radio.  Ill be dropping mixes on the show every week so stay tuned in. This is huge to me because Only4TheReal.com was one of the first platforms to rock with my music as an artist. I briefly blogged for the website and now i get to drop mixes on their radio. So salute one more time to lil big bro Bundy and remember FakeNeedNotApply.  

Mix closes the show. 

 Listen to "3/16/17 @IkeSav on the #SupremeShow" on Spreaker.

Twenty Minutes of Timbaland! (DJ Mix) 

What can you say about Super Producer Timbaland...one of the most influential music makers of our generation.  When he was chosen as this months tribute artist i must admit at first I did not know where to start.  So many records so little time. So to keep it simple i picked mostly his hip hop records so unfortunately no aaliyah or ginuwine on this one. (You can find them in some of my r&b mixes tho check them out on my dj tab)  But i did manage to get a few of his biggest hits and a couple sleeper cuts and im sure there is at least 1-2 songs on there that you may not know Timbo produced. So check it out and if you're in Chicago and you would like to hear more Timbaland tributes at our live event then be sure to check out SIC Sundays! There is a ticket link below. Use discount code "Timbo" for half off tickets!

If you're not in Chicago, no worries! You can follow us on Facebook we update our SIC Sundays page regularly and particularly during the events. http://facebook.com/sicsundays


What songs did you remember after this mix? What songs did I forget?? 

BUY Your ticket now! Don't forget to use discount code "Timbo" for 50% off!! 


This Mix Got Rejected?!? (R&B/Smooth Hip Hop) 

So i submitted this R&B and smooth hip hop mix to a radio station for inclusion in an after dark mix. I just found out yesterday that they said no to accepting it....SO i have it here available for you all. Its a cool mix for your late night wine sipping night cap. Or when you're headed home from the club with your companion. Check it out and let me know what occasion you would play it at. 

Decemba (In January)!  

Man gotta love Andre 3000 for the appearance on this. Apparently he directed the video as well.  Its always cool to see him just pop up on the most unexpected records and kill it! One of the members of this group reps chicago too...but the issue at hand is What do yall think about Dre 3000 popping up on these type of records? 


P1 After Dark Mix as heard on Logik Radio 

My homie DJ Flash invited me to do a mix for his After Dark show so this is what i came up with...Everything ain't hardcore ya know.  Peep the mix share if you like, comment and let me know what you think. #BlokClubDJs #P1Rap #Phanatics #PantyDropper

So if you enjoyed it here's your replay, and if you missed it here it is for the first time!

NEW P1 DJ Mix! & Event Discount Code 

So me and my team have been hard at work all year at SIC Sundays! We have many incredible stories and pictures.  We decided to end the year off strong and set the tone for 2017.  I believe in progress and moving the bar up so I have Murphy Lee coming up to rock SIC Sundays December 18th on his birthday!  This was done with the help of my entire team but on this one i must especially recognize the efforts and assistance of my good friend Janae Henry. 

In recognition of Murphy Lee coming through i was digging through my crates and decided to take a visit to St. Louis music scene! Check it out below.   And if you are in chicago on December 18th come see Murphy Lee live! In honor of my FB fan page surpassing 1350 fans on December 1st use Promo Code: SIC1350 and get your ticket for $13.50 total (no service fee)


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  1. 1 Still Ain't Quittin 03:14 Info Buy
  2. 2 Stole My Bike 02:48 Info Buy
  3. 3 Feeling Like a King 04:03 Info Buy
  4. 4 Whats In This Weed 02:47 Info Buy
  5. 5 U Like Me 03:34 Info Buy
  6. 6 I Feel Bad feat. Fury & Jacque Courbet 03:32 Info Buy
  7. 7 A Million Years feat. JR 04:38 Info Buy
  8. 8 Pressure 04:35 Info Buy
  9. 9 In Or Out 04:26 Info Buy
  10. 10 Keep Flowing 03:38 Info Buy
  11. 11 What You Want 05:57 Info Buy
  12. 12 Coming Up 02:55 Info Buy
As we travel and make these events happen we are always looking for friends, fans and supporters to lend a helping hand if you're interested this may be the opportunity for you! #LetsBuild 

We will be updating the dates frequently as we add to the tour so stay tuned. There are also opportunities available wherever you are. Hit the line for more details.